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Author blacklef
Tags 600mph author:blacklef unrated
Created 2016-01-29
Last Modified 2016-01-29
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Description from aborted project

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ps. easy fave for me

nvm found a feasible route and suddenly the gameplay is all really nice runonnreality

I don't blame Tempus for waiting on the laser at the start cause u want to get the difficult gold between the mines first but if that was the intented route then that's bad. Brushing aside my blunder on your red shift map, I tried this and don't have a clue how this is supposed to be nice and smoothly agd'd. But I guess it's good enough that one can have fun playing this map in their head imagining everything going right, same goes for arona-daal's maps

really nice map blacklef
This is no exception. Excellent structure, timing the lasers is super fun and it's rewarding to complete. 5aved.

Here we go

Decent AGD, though I suspect there's a better path. The lasers didn't bother me too much; there was a bit of waiting, but less than you'd expect with two of 'em. A gauss might be okay, but I think anything else would be overkill. Nice map, sir.
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Awww, shite. I am enjoying this, though — really clever.
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Nicely constructed - the one-ways are genius - but I think two lasers a little much. Maybe replace one of them with a gauss? I dunno.
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