128-3 Electrecuted

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Author Meanapple
Tags author:meanapple chillmap episode unrated
Created 2016-02-01
Last Modified 2016-02-01
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Description Randem
Should be easy to complete, AGD is more of a challenge but not that hard either

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Demo Data

Liked it from purely speedrun point of view.
Demo Data

Slow agd.
Not a big fan, I'm afraid. It looks sexy, but... the tiles are irritating to move on, the drones make you wait around (though I might just be going too slow?), the laser makes you wait around, and the thwump is just a jackass. I did enjoy the mine sections, and I think the zap drones could be cool with some timing/pathing adjustments. Decent, but you can do much better; 3/5.
Demo Data