Herbaceous Vegetation

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Author ~Orpheus~
Tags author:~orpheus~ gauss hard jumper playable unrated
Created 2016-02-02
Last Modified 2016-02-02
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Grasping vines tear at you as you hurtle past.
Quickly made jumper.

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also did you get the map i sent through?

yeah fair enough, but jumpers are all i can playtest really - im not a great player - had a go at your collab with deep_blue but honestly couldnt get the first key! if you have any suggestions about things i could try to shake it up a bit id be interested!

Quickly made agd.
Cool map, fun to run around on the curves. Very similar to lots of your other maps — I'd love to see you diversify a bit more.
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