[S5W9] Strathwump - By Grandmaster EddyMataGallos

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Author shomman
Tags author:shomman competition eddymatagallos grandmaster npoints s5w9 unrated
Created 2016-02-08
Last Modified 2016-02-10
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Description This week is highscorers week! 5 maps made by 5 Highscorers, including both current grandmasters, and a former grandmaster!

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I delist the maps to reduce spam in hot maps.

but criticisms aside, Mohit's right about u having to edit maps to work well n1.4 seen as your purpose is for the competition to run here as well. Who persuaded you to delist the other maps in this week's run? -They are new maps by different authors

-some people here have a few screws loose seriously

Everyone doing short simple maps and then there's me with a long-ass complex map :V
some of these maps are cheatable in NReality. Please get them edited by the mappers.