lurkers of the world; unite!

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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset rated
Created 2016-03-21
Last Modified 2016-03-21
by 25 people.
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Description i'm curious as to how many people still go on the site.

post a comment if you're browsing

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a comment because you told me to :D

ECHO! Echo. echo

the echo grows fainter and fainter. I open my eyes. Before me, I see a barren wasteland. My heart is stabbed with memories of the lively times of the past.


ECHO! Echo. echo

the echo grows fainter and fainter. I open my eyes. Before me, I see a barren wasteland. My heart is stabbed with memories of the lively times of the past.


Yo whaddup, family

About once or twice a year I have a strong urge to come back and check NUMA out, reminisce of the great times I had etc.

Good to see you still posting, peace out!!

Still lurkin'

I enjoy a good lurk

From time to time.

add me

to the list of lurkers. every couple of weeks I'm back here

yeah that's kinda the generalized opinion on new N versions karma, v1.4 is still the king

that being said Im looking forward to the steam release of N++

senpai pls

at least once a month for over ten years

I miss playing this game! I had so much fun, but I just can't enjoy it anymore, and the newest versions are so poorly coded, they're barely usable.

It's been so many years, even if I could play this again as I remembered, I don't think I'd have the inspiration or motivation to continue mapping and playing.

Yet for some reason I still come back to this site, sometimes daily, sometime monthly but mostly to see what's going on. Hope everyone's doing well! :)

yeah it works

I was just stupid at first

Of course it still works, I hadn't entered in over a year and mIRC automatically took me there without having to modify the location or anything.


... is it me you're lookin' fooor?

that's weird

use a client (even kiwiirc works) and connect to
for the past 7 years it was


doesnt seem to exist anymore, it relinks me to some minecraft server thing?

missin' you Aidiera. <3

my mother says my tiny nipples make me look distinguished

#n or #n-mapping or #n-highscores depending on how you're feeling
is it still alive?
if not shall we revive it? would be cool to talk together again

Hey you dummies.

Be nice to each other. I don't wanna have to put my Admin hat on again.


I'm someone who was here a long time before you were. Take a seat, please.


Viridian Victoria Vermillion Vitellary Verdigris Violet Vodkalover?
I am pretty sure apakenua is referring to Arctic's comment below him, as he used 7 'v'.


Who am I? The guy who's currently featured. The guy who makes mapping competitive. Who are you, bro?

Thank you Yoke!


You can't test maps with tab, it's a bug or something. It works only in the web: (any MapID)

There exists a help forum for Nv2:

No, There are unfortunately no way to save your play-test run.

I hope, I could help you. :)


Is there a Nv2 help forum? In Ned, as soon as I press tab to play test a level, any animated units, including the ninja, disappears? How do I play test a level?

And is there a way to save the demo from said play test?
So I'd like to map more if I can find the time!


yuh lurker/participant

who are you

the glory is mine and mine alone



this is wild. i thought you all were dead.

Haha VODKA! :P

52 people commented on this map! :O
Definitely faving this map to cherish it when I get old! :D

Improved run. :)
Demo Data

lurkers on numa

are like loiterers in graveyards

i just want the old numa back
i want my mapping fire back
i want dat community spirit back
maybe n++ on steam will fix everything

i still come here every day, just to pay respects.

i still lurk


i lurk. i don't play much anymore but still got a couple half-ideas for some maps i'd like to make before i call it quits. also a couple metanet highscore levels i've got my eye on.