14. A Great Time

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Author macrohenry
Tags action adventure atmosphere author:macrohenry lostmemories medium-hard-ish rated
Created 2016-03-25
Last Modified 2016-03-25
by 6 people.
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Description I'm going to showcase my 5 personal favourites from my mappack on NUMA, hoping to get more people to play them.

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anyway I think is my final version (published only on the forums) For the bottom left I added tiles bit like the ones in Lusrps' map (top right). And new quirky block gates which make it easier to dodge the gauss

agh what I do not do when mapping is check the scores of all the routes to try to make sure they're similar, to my surprise the route from the exit button to the gate on the left is nice without the blockgates I put there and it would help slow the too fast route to have nothing there (launch pad not needed).
ps. I should've tweaked the top gauss too

thought it was worth another try- What a map dude


Much enjoyed, looks good, it's not to hard nor is it easy.
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ps run on nreality looking forward to seeing yours tho. I guess it were only the top mid gold panels that I didn't like, so I tried putting in an interesting bounceblock check it out

don't think anyone wants to admit they haven't found the path. This could be a really great map but it can get pretty dull on those platforms which are otherwise really cool. I'm sure that can be sorted with some small tweak