Affirmative Action At A Distance

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Author script
Tags action affirmative-action-at-a-distance author:script rated
Created 2016-03-28
Last Modified 2016-03-28
by 5 people.
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Description Here's a map from several years ago. I went through a phase where a map wasn't finished until it had one of each enemy type. Enjoy.

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who isn't here and i don't know where he is

i honestly might just allow people to review as they wish


you've been inactive for quite a long time and i'm considering removing you from your reviewership position. are you ok with this? i'm cleaning house currently to revitalize the site, so if you want to stay just tell me and i'll leave you be, so long as you're more active


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But overall it was pretty good. 4/5


Map feels disconnected, and I didn't get why there had to be multiple exit switches, great ma tho.
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