Back On Baybridge Way

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera map puzzle rated yahoozy
Created 2016-04-25
Last Modified 2016-04-26
by 5 people.
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Description I miss Mason. Hope you like the map, guys.

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It's crazy to see who's become admin aka how many people have left after putting so much time into this game myself : /

(ok I guess it's just one of those maps where you have get confident with it to feel the action but yea its there)

lol, fuck eddy, not even gonna bother trying to beat him. Good map :)
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all of you are still here. <3

Haha! My first thought was "yeah, I miss Maxson too." Glad you're not dead!

I read "Mason" as "Maxson" and my first instinct was to pop in here like "I'M NOT DEAD"

sub-1100 sr

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very smart

looks really cool but I think it's lacking any proper action :s


I guess this is more of a puzzle than expected.
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oh shit

this map is flawless

Super interesting, nice work.

So good!


i'm shit

awesome map.
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cool drones