When Poison Ivy gets mad, she lashes out

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Author jasdanu
Tags action author:jasdanu collab playable unrated viil
Created 2016-04-26
Last Modified 2016-04-26
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Came across an old collab that Viil and I made. Added a couple mines and just put my little mark in the top corner.

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Whoops. Wrong map, but the offer still stands if you're interested

Wanna collab in the near future?

This is nice! Not much to it, but it looks super chill and it's fun to just wander around in.

And yes

This is a very old collab. I don't remember when we worked on it.
Easily one of the better maps I have worked on and put more time into. Viil was good with the tileset while I made a few tweaks to it. Both worked on the objects.