SR-C #02

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Author -Jol-
Tags author:-jol- fun mine speedrun unrated
Created 2016-04-29
Last Modified 2016-04-29
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Another day, another SR map :^)
I still have to get warm with the editor, so sorry for such lame tiles.
Expect some more fancy maps in near future.

Platinum medal: Below 184 frames. :p
Gold medal: Below 200 frames.
Silver medal: Below 250 frames.
Bronze medal: Below 300 frames.

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you know

I am sitting here, tryharding to get below 190...

hah damn

Demo Data

what are you?

not human. nope.
kinda mean, because your sr is still really impressive, but 'see it as a challenge' :p

I think below 185 platinum medal would be perfect xD nah just kidding


sorry, this may not be a challenge for you. should I also set a platinum medal? :^)


not sure if best route
Demo Data


this look no lame to me
Demo Data