bleeding (aids remix)

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Author Aidiera
Tags aids-remix author:aidiera featured lifdoff unrated
Created 2016-05-08
Last Modified 2016-05-08
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Description Nobody liked this, but I did. Original. []

This map was featured on 2016-09-08

The classic “Metanet” style, often encapsulated by artfully placed 45-degree tiles, is a style that many authors attempt to replicate, but there’s usually something about them that feels dull or out of place. This is not the case here. The map is actually a remix of a Lifdoff map [], and I, for one, think this is one of the best remixes of any N level that has ever been made. Vaguely reminiscent of Lucidium’s final submitted map, Halftone [], this level is a truly inspired confluence of some of the best N level makers to have ever messed around in NED. — ska

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Apology acceted.

I replayed the original today and I think there were just too many mines, not that they were ugly. But still, thank you for the feature ska. Glad to know that I can sometimes make respectable maps.
i didnt mean it like that. i was young and offended by the minimalism

I love

the minimalism actually.


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All Gold Derp

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I think Arona's the only one who didn't like it.
Solid map, just bears minimal resemblance to the original. I really enjoy this.