Old castle

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Author PavlitoPL
Tags action author:pavlitopl map-47 map-pavlito ppl unrated
Created 2016-05-26
Last Modified 2016-11-02
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Description Level 47:
A series of my maps. Maps of the series will find under the tag "ppl"

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Sub-550 sr

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Demo Data

Good map.

The tileset is little bit abstract, in my opinion. I like it. But with a little less gold, it would have been nice, because it's too much.

The gameplay was ok. The start was annoying, because I must firstly jump over the mine, but I hit the head always on the corner and the floorguard hit me every time. The upper part with the mines was annoying too. I was attacked by two gausses from two different directions. It was very hard to avoid them. Two mines less, and it would be better! 3,5/4 rounded up to 4 :)
Demo Data