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Author XandoToaster
Tags author:xandotoaster highscore npoints rocket unrated
Created 2016-06-20
Last Modified 2016-06-20
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Description shomman and I started running season 6 of npoints on Nv2. Some of you may remember npoints as those maps that shom posted here sometimes about 6 months ago. Others might have noticed that it's an actual contest.

Well anyway, we're not running it on 1.4 this time, but we would still like 1.4 mappers to participate. We could still use some maps for later weeks of the season, so if anyone is interested in making a map for us, just contact either shomman or myself over the forums.

If you have any questions about making a map, just ask below and we'll answer.

This map was from our first week of the contest, and it's made by me.

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Thanks for the comment! It means a lot to know that someone liked one of my maps that much.

Thanks for the reminder! Will try to get around to that soon....


We would need maps in 5 or 6 weeks (probably around 24 July). I'll message you guys on the forums now and then again in a few weeks as a reminder. We really appreciate it! You guys make great maps! :D

i be down

Sub-500 sr

Demo Data

I might just do something for the contest.