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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets race unrated
Created 2016-07-14
Last Modified 2016-07-14
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Description hey strangers

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Flow Demo

Had no idea this was a race at first, and started playing it as an action map. Looked at your demo, was like "oh man that shit cool" and tried it myself - was delighfully casual against my expectations! Cool race, feels fresh.
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i think this really works.

hope you're doing well frets


I couldn't really get a run of this but watching your demo was really cool
i think the pathing (is that a word?) in this is a bit too specific
not a non-stop fast paced kind of race, a few jumps/movements you need to do in degrees rather than at their limit.

Felt a little rusty but think it came together okay, if a little bare.
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