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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera map typewriter unrated vintage
Created 2016-07-21
Last Modified 2016-07-21
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Description Hey there. I'm hosting a half-contest/half-dogpile event here. It's called vintage. Kind of like a NUMACon but without any ranked winners. Basically, find a tileset (2011 or older) and use it, or a half-completed map and finish it. The goal is to not let any good tilesets go to waste or any good ideas get squandered.

The map I used was chip [] and if you'd like to participate, browse some random tilesets [] and see if any fit your fancy. Since this isn't an official contest, there won't be a deadline or limitations. I'm just hoping to spark some creativity within NUMA.

PS be sure to tag the original author on your map.

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Fun map! A bit too tough for me, but there's a lot of awesome here. Great use of the tiles.

I'll probably do it

Looked through random tilesets a while ago but couldn't find any I liked. Will look again tomorrow.

I'll definately

take part. There are so many tilesets/unfinished maps from 09

love the idea, mate. i'll see if i can remember how the editor works this evening...

count me in



You might have convinced me to make another map after several months. :D

coool (but I don't like the launchpad bottom right bleh -if u turn it upside down tho it's quite a nice challenge to dodge it)