130-4 Discords again

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Author Meanapple
Tags author:meanapple discord episode heyheyjointhechannelnowdude unrated
Created 2016-08-01
Last Modified 2016-08-03
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Description edit: actually there is already a discord chat, oh well []

Also!! []

N++ Beta for PC

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Hey man

Long time no see. Hurry up and get to 199-4 already, GEEZ!!
Kewl map. I can't believe you tricked me with those overlapped drones. What a goof!
Anyway like the map. I'm rustier than the titanic so my demo is just me fluffing around.
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eine deiner besten maps, klasser game flow :D

hey thanks

and nice avatar, gotta keep the brand fresh

Oh and yeah.

5/5 and stuff.

Nice map meanapple.

On a unrelated topic, I changed my avatar finally. Feels so good omg.
PFA sr attempt.
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