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Author Hyteriux
Tags author:hyteriux insertadjective simple unrated
Created 2016-08-08
Last Modified 2016-08-08
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Description A simple level I made one night at around 4 am on Nv2 that I ended up donating to Npoints. I'm just hoping that everything works as intended because I'm on a mac and mac doesn't support nreality so can't really test anything. Let me know what you think, I'm open to any and all feedback.

I've been toying around with styles and such a lot recently so expect some completely experimental stuff in the future.

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If you're ever interested in a collab, hit me up!

Visually terrifying, but plays much cleaner than it looks. Not sure I approve of the aesthetic, but that's pretty subjective... nice gameplay.
pretty alright stuff
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not bad