Big Head Goes to Camp Kaminaljuyu

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2016-08-24
Last Modified 2016-08-24
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Part 26 in my planned Big Head Adventures

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is this trump?

looking to the right with open mouth, nose and hair


I liked this
Demo Data

The top left is completely forgivable once you have a stellar route like me. Then you just get fucked by the bottom left.
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rockets were too hard for such a long map. the rest of the challenges were easy and became boring after playing long enough to beat the rockets. neat tiles, and those lines of gold are very satisfying.
Demo Data

Rocket rooms were way more difficult than necessary and the map was rather repetitive and ugly.
remove the mines and it's good imo


That's a shame. Just imagine godlike dodging, and then you'll be 1% of the way to how awesome it was.

I think that's the wrong demo buddy.


check out these dodges.
Demo Data

The rocket rooms were hella difficult especially the bottom one but the jumps and stuff were cool. The gold made me jizz
to the point of frustration. Not a fan.