ant commune

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Author mahi_mahi
Tags author:mahi_mahi mahi mahi-best rated
Created 2016-09-06
Last Modified 2016-09-06
by 6 people.
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Description give me four hours and a mocha frapp and i'll make a map that i really enjoy

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with some nice close calls.
first playthrough I died on exactly 2 mines, both under switches.
I like this! very adventurous, and I thought the difficulty was fair and even. Thwump room was especially well constructed. I do wish the laser did more.
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this demo is terrible but i think it shows how best to negotiate some of the mines (also it's an agd)
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i have mixed feelings about the map. i thought the structure was fun. like, really fun. i sensed a similarity to IWBTN and maybe even myself if I may be so indulgent xD. the enemy placement was well thought out.

but my god those mines. those mines. ugh. made playing the map very tedious.

all in all, solid effort.
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I especially enjoyed the bounceblocks and thwumps.
IWBTNINJA/Radium/ethel. Loved the seeker combined zap drones.

agd. Keep making maps.
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Here's my terrible agd
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I love

the use of bounceblocks in this, really fun map. 5aved
(I got so close to an agd but hit the mine below the spawn on accident whilst running from the tracking drone, forgot to save replay. I'm super salty now but I'll keep trying)