131-2 N is running at an abnormal speed

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Author Meanapple
Tags author:meanapple episode minejumper minez unrated
Created 2016-09-06
Last Modified 2016-09-06
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description ugh
felt like 5 years ago making this map. I hope its not too frustrating

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absolutely afwul

and completely below you as a mapper. parts of it were interesting, and the idea of a trampoline/minejumper isn't completely lost on me. the execution of this map wasn't great. "very poor" is accurate, but 2 because it's 2016 and ratings don't mean what they used to.



Slow agd

Fun map! The only super frustrating part is the jump to get, like, into the topmost chamber. Died there three times as much as everywhere else combined, easily, including going for gold. Besides that, super fun, very well made! Great aesthetic, too.
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neat from what I've played so far, don't have the time to finish it right now but I will when I get the chance