You let me live in dirt

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Author Arona_Daal
Tags action age author:arona_daal playable rated
Created 2016-09-11
Last Modified 2016-09-11
by 6 people.
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Description after all these years

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"did it ever matter?"



idk you just leave really profound and odd comments and i like. i wish ic ould reciprocate but i just dont have the time to do stuff like that like i used to.

hey man

just stopping by to say i really appreciate you playing my maps - also i have no idea what your icon is from but its oddly familiar
if that's what you mean.
i played around with leaving one or two oneways in that area to make it easier to climb up, but it made it way too easy
it's sweet

I think I agree with Tempus -that jump out of the exit is intense if u want to land on the slope, may u could added a panel. And deffs agree with mahi..
but inside out. Maybe that's a volcano? Anyway, neat. Here's an agd.
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before i literally did the same exact thing you did

glad you enjoyed

easy way to ascend

shhhhhh! don't tell anyone!
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The ascent on the right side is brutal. Or I just suck. Love the map, though; amazing tiles, gorgeous gold, and it all works together so well. Faved.
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