Just Like Heaven

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset disguise rated
Created 2016-09-27
Last Modified 2016-09-27
by 9 people.
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surprisingly this telegraphs the flow better than the more obvious ones. fucking love it
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okay :s

Another way I actually tried to do this last night was through spamming the random maps thing, well, thanks anyways.
Btw I was wondering if this community still hangs out somewhere (else other than numa), like on a discord server for instance :)
the search doesnt go past 1000 results for me, do u mean i should try manually checking every map during that month by changing the number in the url one by one? Well I actually tried that yesterday but i gave up on it

hey, thanks

I don't really wanna bother anyone too much (I have moved in these 10 years and also changed internet providers..), but I was wondering if there isn't some kind of a way to view every map made in like 2007 May (I remember the fact that I was mapping when I found out my sister was born on the 9th of May 2007, lol). If there is no way, then thanks anyways :)

One of your best ever maps.


I started playing n++ recently and it eventually brought me back here to try out my old maps. My first map on this account was made all the way back in 2009. But the thing is, this wasn't my first account (It was forbidden to create a second account like that iirc.. well I am sorry for that then I guess, I was 12).
I really want to find this old account, I believe I might've made it all the way back in like 2006/2007. Reading my 10-year-old self write stupid stuff on the internet would be fun and weird in a way. I completely failed at finding this account in the last two hours though and I was wondering if an admin could help me out.. sorry for troubling you and uh, i'll just thank you ahead for any help.



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