slip the noose

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Created 2016-10-16
Last Modified 2016-10-16
by 7 people.
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Description "ever heard of the DivTech vault? that's because it doesn't exist. was a complete black site. Finally got ripped by some kind of legwork prodigy. had to be on-site for all her ops. crazy. Anyway. vault core's supposed to hermetically seal itself once accessed. Surgical. How our runner friend got herself out of that shit is anyone's guess. Must be some sorta ghost."

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And there are so many mine and gold patterns and somehow they all fit together. The description is killer.

I second Arona_Daal's comment. I'll be interested to play your game if and when you release it!
maybe you'll see a game from me one day :)

i would love

to play a game made by you... or read a book... or a manga.. or whatever


Cool map
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Cool map

By the way, I know that missed piece will trigger someone. But I am just too lazy and uncomfortable with perpendicular jumps to try again! :D
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this map is very cool, i'm glad u all like it
love when you write the stories to set the atmosphere for the map


Very good. Shame you can run away from the drone a bit but I love the premise.
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Love it

Love how the drone is a small but persistent presence in every section. I think this is the most fully-realized map of your recent output