The King of Mapping

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork playable unrated
Created 2017-03-08
Last Modified 2017-03-08
Map Data

Description chosen by a unanimous whisper from each of our gods

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And that's interesting. My comment wasn't flagged. Fuck!

Heh, yeah, they're auto-flagged. I can get rid of it, seems unnecessary.


i love gauntlets, and this one is super stylish to boot. lots of bonus points for really finicky and unintuitive challenges. this type of map appeals to me greatly, though im not good enough to beat

goddamn on that demo

those are automatically flagged I'm pretty sure


to whoever reports a comment that says a word like "shit", "crap", or "fuck" every day: I'm never going to delete a comment for only cursing.
so if you want an AGD you have to be the King of Playing.
Demo Data


Demo please.


I can't do this shit bruh