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Author Spackal
Tags action author:spackal rated simple trapdoors welp
Created 2017-04-06
Last Modified 2017-04-06
by 9 people.
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Description "Through the gates," said the tale "some will rise, and some will fail"

Trying my hand at a more geometric and minimalist style. Since seeing this map:, I've wanted to find some way to use trapdoors in a map. I think this works

Area by the exit key's probably cheatable, but whatever


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I'm bad with remembering to look at demos

i thought my demo

was the intended way

I've tried

but it's far harder than just cheating.

Out of curiosity,

does any anyone have a demo of completing the level the intended way?

Very good


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Sorry for the spam

Improved the speedrun. Sub-200 is definitely possible. I'm not up to do it right now
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I'm not gonna lie, I have never been this annoyed about a rocket before. Getting this run was such a pain. But I finally got it
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Here's my slow attempt at a speedrun.
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of all the support this community has given me! Thanks for the feedback

i aggree with arona

this is a great map. really nicely designed

innocent demo

enjoying the cryptic feel of your maps
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Very pretty map 5
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