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Author Spackal
Tags action author:spackal mappack unrated welp
Created 2017-04-12
Last Modified 2017-04-12
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Map Data

Description "After a long climb, we finally settled down for a rest. Looking around, we saw a structure jutting out from the next cliff over. Once we get moving again, maybe there we can finally find sanctuary..."

Finally happy with my drone placement, that never happens! Wanted a flexible map with an open route, yet still nice to look at. Going to be in my mappack


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i ruined it []


I can see a lot of my style in your maps, that's very nice

this is really fun

kinda clunky in some places, but that's a minor flaw. the drones were a nice obstacle, although I feel that the middle part with thwumps could have an additional enemy but on the other hand, it could be too overwhelming. hm, I don't know, it's probably fine like this. cool map! very nice aesthetics too. you're good, keep it up!