Back to your roots

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Author Spackal
Tags author:spackal hunger jumper numacon rated skill welp
Created 2017-04-26
Last Modified 2017-04-26
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description "Turnip for what *beetdrop*"

Submission for the numacon. Is it a bad thing that I'm actually quite proud of a map based on a turnip?


EDIT: Slight changes, moved mines beneath the first thwump and beneath exit key and moved the '2' tile in the upper right

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Nice tileset and fun map!
pretty, too!

This is very good, and all of your maps are very good. Keep up the very good work.


You have no idea how many tries this took. Loved the map, 5aving this.
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nice beetroot

Fun map too. The beetroots worked well and weren't overly beetroot. nice beetroot placement too. I give this beetroot a beetroot out of beetroot. beetroot beetroot beetroot, beetroot beetroot.
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It's a little rude, especially if it's not a major fix. but I've done it plenty of times, I won't hold it against you.
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is that a thing that is considered a bad around here?
my shame is eternal


those thwumps were honestly pretty annoying.

also... let the beet drop
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*drops the beet*