Genesis Construct

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Author Spackal
Tags action...sortof author:spackal jumper rated rocket welp
Created 2017-05-02
Last Modified 2017-05-02
by 6 people.
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Description "Since the birth of creation, it stands, monolithic, imposing, and demanding of your attention."

Started by just placing tiles until something happened. This is what happened. Rocket forces a faster pace between keys, but you can chill on the outside parts if you want. Hopefully not cheatable

Inspired by Yoke's grid [].


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I liked the structure a lot, with the one-way bridge and spacey-tight contrast, but the tiles were again too jagged for my tastes. I'd like to see a little more stable ground to stand on. Oftentimes I found myself awkwardly locked in places from which I couldn't make a satisfying jump out. Maybe that's just me being crap at this game haha

amazing aesthetics though. keep it up, you're really good!
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this looks like something I'd do
can I advertise the hell out of that?
been only visiting this place a couple times for years, but this time it was worth it :)
kinda makes me want to make some maps again :)


yeah they're something else I guess

I'm pretty sure

those demos aren't even physics


Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data


sub 200 speedrun
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im gonna call these

your "grey mesa" style maps