Death Do Us Part

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera hunger rated rocket
Created 2017-05-04
Last Modified 2017-05-04
by 9 people.
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Description You may now kill the bride.

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...but the food theme is lacking, imo

Twas a bit tough for me, but definitely a stylish map. Nice nice, congrats.


very challenging map :)
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at least 50 attempts
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it is within the acceptable range for the theme is up to the judges. Arona, zoas, and Yahoozy, want to be judges? Anyone is welcome.

Ah, haha

I feel like it's a little too abstract an interpretation to match the theme? But I really like the challenge a level like this poses, where you're enclosed in one-ways and have to avoid an active enemy. Levels that make a single enemy effective are cool


best gameplay so far. this map is wonderful by any standards, i think it's especially exceptional for a theme map
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But it is a super interesting concept frankly well executed. It's nice to routing jumping by those thigh spaces between mines and oneways while dodging a rocket. 4/5

i really like it

you are good with rockets and oneways

its clearly a 5 tier wedding cake with yellow marzipan and red frosting spots

The tiles are just filler.

Don't get the relation to the theme?