Collective Return Cycle

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Author Spackal
Tags action author:spackal curvy inspiredbydaggafork unrated welp
Created 2017-05-18
Last Modified 2017-05-18
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Description "The Collective Return Cycle, or CRC, brings us the capability to get more out of our product than ever before."

Yay, more 4 tiles! This time with 8 tiles! These maps I find hard to make, but I love them to death!

Mildly (heavily) inspired by Dagga's [] map.


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i like esoteric zap drones patterns, it feels more life-like, compared to more predictable patterns which feel more like a one-dimensional obstacle than an enemy

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Fair enough,

I'm not a huge fan of zap drones in general. Recently I've been using them sometimes, but usually I avoid them. Zap drones (when you mix patterns) and chainguns are a bit too random for me.
I originally had only three, all wall-following, but that was too easy. So I had, 4, with the fancy ones turning right at walls and two regulars wall following, but that was too hard. I liked having two wall follow and two turning right at walls though, so I ended up with this.


They double teamed me...

I like it all except the confusing drone routes. I think
simplicity/predictability is the key for drones
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