little vices

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags author:tempus_fugit cruel equality hard hateful puzzle unrated
Created 2017-06-21
Last Modified 2017-06-21
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Description This is a cruel map. There's something in here for everyone to hate. Mostly it's just the gold that's hard, but eh. I'll probably redo this without the constraints of Equality at some point, cuz I think there's some cool stuff going on.

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Aw, Mohit, thanks a bunch! I'm super glad you enjoyed it.


i saw no point in going for the gold. so submitted a speedrun below.
this run took at least 50 tries. worth it.
that thwump area is gold. also liked the bounce blocks.
the rockets and gausses were a nice surprise the first time i went around. the floorguards had very good placement. overall my personal favorite in this numacon.
definitely 5aved.
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Nice idea..

But I hate the hidden rockets..


I've got to boot up my old computer sometime soon, a lot of levels I've wanted to play but can't because I am a Mac user. I tried loading this one into nv2 only to discover it is impossible on nv2, I enjoyed what I did get to play though. I play this on nreality when I can.

AGD - 1

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