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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets equality unrated
Created 2017-06-28
Last Modified 2017-06-28
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Description Been a while!

Enjoyed making this, the restrictions encourage you to place objects carefully and really rely on tiles to enhance gameplay.

There's a bit of a trick to the climb

Map 498, wonder if i'll ever make it to 500

Hope you're all doing well x

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Thanks for your kind words, frets. I started playing through your "thank god sometimes" mappack, some of the maps in there are beautiful (and outrageously hard)


to speedrun. object placements was good. there was lot of space to move around. the exit was bit too difficult to reach.
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-i'm probably being nuts but compared to N2, numa is like miserable hell to me, but of course YOUR maps are not hellish..

What a style, I almost never saw this new map of yours. (u must be aware of my distaste for numa already) All the best

I'm good too,

working at my parents' bar till the end of the summer break, and about to start 3rd year of uni, which is going to make sure my schedule is as tight as possible haha. I hoped I'd get back to mapping a little but it's heartbreaking how empty numa is nowadays :/

hey pal

how you doing?

Haha yeah

it's almost got a puzzle element in that sense
didn't even see it until I saw the demo

Ah, hello! I'm doing all right indeed, hope you are as well. Lovely to see a map from you, and it looks quite nice. I'll check it out as soon as I'm home.
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