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Author Tommy_Wiseau
Tags author:tommy_wiseau dda rated
Created 2017-08-08
Last Modified 2017-08-08
by 7 people.
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Description I'm bored and have nothing to do while listening to music and podcasts these days, so I double-clicked on a Flash icon I hadn't touched in two years . . .

1868-frame quickie. I made this using v1.4, so that's probably what will work best.

(It's been almost a year since the last tagged DDA? Insane . . . )

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True epicness is rare. I am inspired.




We were going to go to Albertina but didn't make it somehow. But we've been to the Leopold, Mumok, and Hundertwasser Haus (probably the coolest museum I've been to). Oh, and Kunsthistorisches, but that was a bore for us. But yeah, I loved it there!

As for rym, I'm not really that much into it anymore, I don't listen to albums but to songs, so that kinda misses the point. Tried to catalog most of the stuff I'd listened to that wasn't on my profile though, with more or less success haha. I still enjoy reading people's reviews, that's the one thing I really like about rym

Also I'm glad you liked my map :)
meaning my hometown lol. I'm good, about to start my 3rd year of uni, and hopefully going to go to China with my girlfriend to study there for a year, as we're both studying English and Chinese philology. Oh and also we've been in Vienna for about two weeks - if you ever get the chance, go there, it's an amazing city, esp if you're into art and this kind of stuff, lots of really cool museums!

I just randomly got on NUMA last night and spent the entirety of my free time today playing maps and commenting on old pals' maps haha. Hope to see some more maps from you as well :D

hey there!

how's it going?

btw, this is really great, hectic as fuck, and reminded me how much I loved this game. so many possibilities (i know it sounds corny but oh well)


I like how at the end it looks like the ninja is just gonna grab the switch and run get shoved at the exit but then it keeps going for a few more seconds
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this is

really awesome.
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Second of all, this is a lovely throwback to the old-school "balls to the walls" DDA where the only rule was that there were no rules.

Third, speedrun.
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great job :) nice to see you!