blood stains these walls

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Author Hyteriux
Tags author:hyteriux bloodstainsthesewalls drones floorguardtrapdoor jumper mines unrated
Created 2017-08-12
Last Modified 2017-08-18
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Description "...can't you hear their cries? they're calling your name. you did this. you did this."

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you can legally download some music software for free and try your hand at that :D I used to make music, but for several years I've been really dry on ideas and the will to do that; lack of free time induced by uni also had a hand in my break from that and mapping. it's really nice to be back here though, and hopefully I'm gonna get inspired to make some new music too :)

This is really fun

good map

a fb account*

did a lil loan translation from Polish there


You seem like a well cool guy, do you have a fb or something?


thank you for such positive feedback on my map, appreciate it! also now it's on the very top of hot maps :DD

haha yeah

finding the route in this one was very very fun. one of the nicest maps I've played in a while, kind of burned into my memory :D

your style would fit in greatly with the maps of 2009-2012 era I think, plus your maps are really clever, apart from only being good-looking (something I tend to struggle with). I dig them a lot. pity to see such a talented guy as you in such a time in numa's history, this place was so much more lively back in the day than it is now. is the v2 community more active?

writing this made me realize I could be considered an old hand at this game haha. damn has it really been 7 years since I joined
my fingers hurt too much haha. again, really great stuff. reminded me of r_t's maps
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fool's luck
Demo Data

fuck these

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this is amazing

not really my kind of map, but I really loved it, got me entertained for a solid 20 minutes trying to complete it haha. the drones are placed impeccably, and I like how you placed gold in double clumps, makes you think about the jumps more. gold on the bottom right is really tough but very rewarding. I liked the floorguard mechanics, and finding the best route was really fun. I'm sorry this didn't get more attention.

this is the closest I can get to an AGD so far, probably the most finger-straining, stressful demo ever:
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