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Author Hyteriux
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Created 2017-09-01
Last Modified 2017-09-01
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Description we sat at the edge of everything; an endless ocean who's only obstruction was a graying lighthouse, towering, planted on an isolated rock, not too far from the cliffside we resided on. the sky trickled with light that illuminated the night sky as stars twinkled in and out of view and the clouds passed overhead.
but as wondrous and breathtaking as it all was, at that moment, none of it existed. for beside me, with her legs hanging over the edge of the wooden plateau, was a beauty greater than all of the ocean and all of the stars, and more mesmerizing than the universe in its entirety.
i watched as she laid her gaze upon the universe, as if she was out there, floating throughout the starlit void, unbound by the constraints of humankind and our earth. i knew that the lighthouse would not fall overnight, and that the stars would always be there and so would ocean, but her... by day's light she would be off elsewhere, only to be a thought with no promise of ever reappearing. oh i only wished she could stay with me forever, but such beauty is only found in glimpses, and such glimpses are only ever had once or twice in a lifetime. but for that one moment, that one glimpse, she was everything; the world, the stars, the ocean; she was it all, everything and anything that mattered, and it all was so... beautiful.

free tileset, possibly from upcoming story driven tileset pack, but we'll see.
feel free to use as you please.
the moon looks like garbage but oh well

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someone should use it.


Is really cool, for some reason reminds me of sanctaphrax

By the way, I really liked the way water was outlined, not an easy task by far, and was done magnificently.


Beautiful and engaging! 5aved!


Demo Data
very atmospheric, reminded me of furry_ant's stuff.