Summertime Sadness

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Author Yoke3000
Tags author:yoke3000 drones easy gauss gold tiles unrated
Created 2017-09-04
Last Modified 2017-09-04
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Description An easy map. Enjoy. :)

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map looks amazing

have an upvote
Yeah that's right, I should set the gold a little bit higher. Haha! Great idea with the minefield, I really don't know, why I let this room empty. Oh yeah this with the doors was a dumb mistake. I always make my maps on Nv2 and there didn't exist ``W´´ or ``s´´ doors. I forgotten this both doors on Nv1.4 editor ^^
the first gauss is devilishly effective, and the drones were fun to jump through (although I'm not entirely sure about that lowest gold clump in that section, feel like it's a bit too tough to collect with that rocket peeking there). enjoyed the rocket room and liked the top as well, but I feel it could've been utilized in a better way, maybe as a minefield or something. still, this is really fun stuff. the only thing that bothers me is the placement of horizontal doors, use "W" doors instead of "S" doors and it's gonna look much better

that bb jump

was pretty cool
Demo Data

i dig it

fun, easy but not too easy so it's super satisfying :)
gonna play it in a while, looks pretty cool