28-3: Chopsticks

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry easy-medium-ish rated retile series thwumps
Created 2017-09-20
Last Modified 2017-09-20
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Retile of 28-2 []. This one was a real challenge and took me several attempts. Enjoy!

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listen, i know you're probably gonna be the only non-bot to read this (if you don't include EMG as a bot), but you are amazing. I see you and love you, and i'm not saying this because i'm drunk or have a gun against my head.

forum post

Forums are bugging out again, so here's what I was trying to submit:

I love how you there's be some 0ths that weren't worth sharing! (I just checked NHigh, and these seem to be the only new 0ths since your last post, so I'm guessing that wasn't what you were meaning to imply). I actually saw your post within mere hours of when you submitted your post, since I check the forums almost daily, but sadly the forums are so broken at this point that sometimes you can't even post without being logged out, although it seems to be working well enough for now. Anyway, this is really awesome to see.

A few thoughts: I don't think I fully grasped just how suboptimal 56-4 is. It's a deceptively difficult level.

I'm honestly shocked that you squeezed more than two seconds out of 72-1. Really clever innovations.

Nice rerouting job on 96-4. That level is nightmare fuel.

56-3: wow, this level has come so far since the days of wolfos and jg9000.

98-2: kind of obvious idea in retrospect, although I suspect that was because the innovation was dependent on the player being quick enough to dodge the drone.

34-2: happy to lose this 0th, since it was a tie (and I had some –1 agd runs with .4xx) I'd be curious to see an MBD that takes your run and splices it with my ending. Can anyone do that for me?

56-0: Not much to say here except for "nice run".

99-4: Is this the most fought-over level in the game? Regardless, your control and aerial precision in this run is laudable.

Conclusion: Thanks for the new runs!

Danke schön :D


Just make sure you check in and post every once in a while to show you're active.
We're clearing the mod and reviewers list right now. I can re-instate you as a mod if you want me to.

Hi macro!

You were totally right! In hindsight I don't much care for the changes I made, haha, so I ended up redoing a lot of the map. I left you a big mess (as always), but I hope you find this more workable! There's a few things in particular I think I did poorly, but we'll see if you agree ^_^

Hope you've been well!

No worries! And no hard feelings if you don't have the time or motivation, i totally get it. We can always try some other time :)

yay! excellent ^_^

i dig that ending. i think i work a bit more haphazardly than you, please tear into this or polish as you see fit! i've become HORRIBLE at 1.4 after playing N++, so i'm definitely counting on you here, ehehe, sorry x_x
Would you mind starting it?
oh, and you wouldn't happen to use discord, would you?

oh my GOD it is so good to see you around! i was gonna rave about how wonderful you are but decided that would be creepy. hope you've been well ^_^

if you'll be sticking around at all, i would love to do a collab or something with you

When the competition ends you will rate every map on a scale from 1-5. You should be more critical than when you vote on maps usually. Then send me, on the forums, a list of all your rankings and I will compile them with the rest.

oh hey there

terrific map, really great use of thwumps.
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very fun

spot on

thats impressive

the chain of recycling


Very nice using of thwumps in the left bottom side. 5
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Hey there! Glad you figured out the easy way to get past the two downward-facing thwumps near the end.

Almost one year ago I started studying Physics in Frankfurt. I was lucky enough to find a flat there that is actually payable. :D My life has definitely changed for the better as I'm much more independent now.
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how's it going? :D haven't seen you in a while
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this is really odd to jump around in but I liked it
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