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Author Yoke3000
Tags 10-minutes-map author:yoke3000 drones gold mines rated simple
Created 2017-09-20
Last Modified 2017-09-20
by 5 people.
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Description 10 minutes map.. enjoy. :)

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One minor gripe: aesthetically, I think it'd be nicer if the drones passed over the blocks rather than under. 4/5
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Super neat! loved the drone section, though i agree with Dagga in that the gauss was pretty pointless.
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Gauss felt pretty useless, but not holding that against the map. Good one


Really like the drone-bounceblock combo here. I'd love to see the same concept in another map but with horizontal tunnels and drone paths. :)
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but the gold patterns in that map were definitely inspired by yours
i dont think you can