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Author Yoke3000
Tags action author:yoke3000 chaingun gauss gold mines unrated
Created 2017-10-01
Last Modified 2017-10-01
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Edit version of Safe. First version you can play on Nv2.. :D

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fun map!
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The first half of this map is fantastic. The chaingun works very well while it's on the left, and the gauss keeps you on your toes while taking cover from the bullets.

On the other hand, the zap drone actually helped me in a way, because it slowed me down enough for the chaingun to not be hovering over my head when I got back to the top. Also, the whole zap drone area was easy anyway, so once I got to the top-right corner, I felt like I was already home free. I think the chaingun should have at least stayed in the left and center where it's more powerful regardless of the ninja's location; it could have given the final stretch more tension. It's still a solid 3/5 overall because that first half really is nice.
Demo Data
Demo Data