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Author ~Orpheus~
Tags author:~orpheus~ flowy jumper mines rated rockets tentacles
Created 2017-11-23
Last Modified 2017-11-23
by 5 people.
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Description In and out. Fast.

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Pretty tough

Especially the first part. Took me almost 20mins of trying xD. I appreciate a good challenge though. Seems like you have spent a lot of time to building up and composing the tiles, jumps and foes. Tricky, but the time you make it to the door you get rewarded with the good feeling of accomplishment xD 5/5

Make maps with the difficulty that you enjoy.

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also why is that happening?

Ok so,

I'm sort of struggling with the difficulty of my maps. Like for me this was pretty hard. ~ ok when I got the start down. Any opinions on whether I go harder or easier or same level?

messed up

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