199-1: Three - Doorsteps

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Author Chrdrenkmann
Tags 1017 199-1 author:chrdrenkmann episode rated series three
Created 2017-12-04
Last Modified 2017-12-04
by 8 people.
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Description Really proud of this one. The doorsteps were the first idea.

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Amazing concept!

Really loved the locked doors and the drones.
5aved definitely.

also, a non FBF speedrun. sorry Dagga :P
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Really bad AGD


I thought the right side was really well done. Some parts of the level felt a bit disjointed and didn't flow as neatly. I think you could have been more creative with the left side.
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Check this out. (FBF)

It's possible to do much better.
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Very well built

Beautifully designed too.



This is plain genius. Fantastic. 5 faved, and probably featured someday.
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