Bunny Holes

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Author Yoke3000
Tags action author:yoke3000 drones gold holes mines rated
Created 2017-12-17
Last Modified 2017-12-17
by 6 people.
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Description After 2 Months, I create a new map.. haha :D

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I went to speedrun

Yes, neutral.
we don't ever need

First Try AGD

I like the idea of this map; having two variations of the same concept, with different styles of gameplay associated with each. There's a nice tension; what I would have done is maybe introduce a back-and-forth mechanic to force the player to go through the top section another time to add even more. All-in-all though, well enjoyable.
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Haha, ok.

Thank you very much Arona! :D

PavlitoGAMES: Yes that's true.. haha But I'm still active on Nv2. Oh, I see you have a new account. :D
your maps are always very high quality!


You have not been here for a long time :D