46-0 Jump Man

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Author Vanquish
Tags 46-0 author:vanquish cryptic freedom observeclue series unrated
Created 2018-01-19
Last Modified 2018-01-19
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The Cryptic Column []


Hello. Lets see if I can finish this damn column this year.

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Simple, but fun map. Really liked it.

yay, come say hi when you have the chance! the #nreality channel's gotten lively and it's so exciting, competitions & group collabs and stuff ^_^

i'm 490301456554131458 wow that's the ID i copied, looks wrong, lemme try that again.... i'm audrey#7254 !!

oh gee i did it []
hope these work for you!
I'll try to start something tonight! I'm also trying to get back into 1.4 mapping a bit, especially with the retile competition getting started! I've mostly been playing N++ lately but I <3 this community too much.

and hey, do you use discord? You should totally join the N++ server & add me if you do ^_^

Haha, it's true! Glad to see you still pop in from time to time, hope all's well ^_^
Hit me up if you're even in the mapping mood again!

So how's that column finishment comin'?


Loving the minimalism.
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I had the same goal with mine last year.