Back and Forth (Read Description)

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Author jasdanu
Tags action author:jasdanu last n playable puzzle unrated
Created 2018-04-19
Last Modified 2019-09-21
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Map Data

Description Vintage map using tiles by Godless []

A puzzle map using the concept I found here []

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Cool glitch!

I'm not sure I've seen it before.


No, but I will join it. What is said N discord called? I'll join discord for it.


Yeah okay. :) and you?


But I'm not feeling upto it. golf could do it if he was here xD

<3 Godless

These tiles are perfection for this map. Complete perfection <3



Here's a Demo run.

This is nowhere near polished. Just wanted to post a demo run for those who might have been confused.
Demo Data
Personally, I think many of us that have been here since the game came out, stayed here because this place has good memories. I started mapping 3 years after I started playing but I know pretty much everyone there is from the beginning. In my opinion, it's a place of nostalgia for all of us here from the start.

btw I msgd cause I remember you :)

oh crap why am i still angry, scum have gottu live somewhere. sht I think it would've been better if I stuck around and just not talked to anyone. Leaving just increased the hate whenever I think about this place

All I can say is that it would've been great to have you on the N2 user levels.. :(
I gave up trying to understand why the decent ones stay in this great damned hole together with the not so decent ones who fit right in (yes fuck you if you're reading this), and live with the wretched defects of N1.4
Haven't had the time yet to post one


it feels like everywhere i go those drones are right behind me. This is a great puzzle, I'll keep trying for a demo

Thank you all for the years I've spent here. From the The Golden Age till now. I appreciate everyone that has given input during my time here.
Much Love <3