there is no beginning.

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Author Hyteriux
Tags author:hyteriux nogold playable rated
Created 2018-06-03
Last Modified 2018-06-06
by 8 people.
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Description if there is no end.
Here's [] a (hopefully) no longer cheatable version, sorry about that I don't like the 1.4 editor so I use the v2 and convert and I'm still not super familiar with all of the 1.4 mechanics

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super cool

Impressed at how much impact the one seeker has. Find chimneying the one ways a bit frustrating but otherwise it's awesome. Was going back over some of my older maps and played this one [] just before playing this,. Feel like kindred maps.
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Really nice map

I really like the interesting ways an apparently open map such as this still constrains what paths can or should be taken by the ninja.
and delist it


too late now, the ratings are now public.
finally got a sub-300 speedrun.
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guess I gotta make some edits
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this is perfect

stunning. 5/5 and faved

very cool structure

Kinda wish it had gold though.
Slow af demo:
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