It's been 4 years?

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune bubbles18 unrated
Created 2018-07-08
Last Modified 2018-07-08
Map Data

Description Been a long time since I submitted a map.
I am bad at mapping in general. And even worse at non-DDAs.
This is a 10 minute map for the Numacon Bubbles.

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What does RCE stand for?

Some golds look hard to get without an extra loop which takes more than time gained by those golds, but at overall, it's fun to jump around. Great job for a 10 minute map.

Very slow AGD (I don't know about that numacon, I hope it's ended) :
Demo Data
I honestly didn't think anyone would be capable.

4 long years

A reminder:

please don't post any runs here until the numacon is over. thanks.