Keys to the Castle

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork muzzle playable unrated
Created 2018-10-11
Last Modified 2018-10-11
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description It's so loud!!!!!!

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got it now. :P

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different people, different playing strategies, different opinions man. i just said the rating in the comment. didn't actually rate. :)

i dont usually contest people's opinions; but it's your fault for trying to speedrun rooms that are obviously meant to be more of a puzzle than a race. lowest rating i've seen someone give in years, and this is a quality level


tried speedrunning like 20 times but couldn't reach the last rocket. the U-turn after the 1st rocket, the area under the 2nd rocket are pointlessly difficult for me.

great run a_d

oh, and of course, Carrion Crawler / The Dream. that's a definite fave.


its like a gaunt map
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if I were to really pick favourites I wouldn't choose Orc at all. I'm more of a A Weird Exits guy, and the new album is really good when it gets all psychy at the end

I like them too

Plastic plant ftw

love that band