Blue City

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Author Aidiera
Tags author:aidiera playable rated
Created 2018-10-20
Last Modified 2018-10-20
by 8 people.
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Description I've starting making tabletop games. It's interesting. Hope you've all been well.

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Much faster AGD.

For some reason, speedrun and AGD do not mix well in this map. The bottom rocket kept killing me, and my best run was tragically ended by THE VERY LAST MINE.

Cool map, though.

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One of the best-looking maps I've ever seen.

What kind of tabletop games? Sounds cool!


But there are worse things a level could be. Descending is better than ascending. Wish the 8 tiles were just E tiles because it would be a lot funner to walljump through those gaps

board games rock

so does this map and so do you
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Hey, good to see you. Hope you enjoy your work with tabletop games — that's something I've always been interested in. We endure. <3


But on the other note, with the exception of my injury, I am doing well. Life being life. Hope you're doing swell too <3

map is more fun in AGD mode.
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Pretty Good

The rockets could have been more dangerous, but it was pretty fun anyway with the other enemies. The lowest level added a nice challenge.

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please keep mapping more. C:

fun map.

Reminds me of a Metanet level.
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