House of Psychedelia

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Author mezzoforte
Tags action agd author:mezzoforte concept psychedelic rated twisted
Created 2018-11-29
Last Modified 2018-11-29
by 7 people.
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Description I'm new to NUMA, but not to mapping.

Beware the House. Many brave ninjas have entered there, and were mentally broken when they emerged.


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I liked the use of doors. To AGD takes a bit long, but definitely not boring.
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Stepself's map "Chainlink":

The jumping up between the launchpads is done due to extreme precision. You could attempt it 100 times in a row and not nail it, since the required trajectory is so precise.


Would you maybe want to do a colab with the 4 of us some time? School break is coming up and we will have lots of free time. Put a message on RedBull if you want to.

of the comments on these two maps (,, and never received an answer.




I must say,

I'm a little jealous. Here we are, almost a full year on this site with no rated maps so far, and here this young upstart gets a five-ninja rating on the first submission. You are clearly the better ninja.


spent a little while on this tonight. i suck too much to make any progress, but i can confirm that this is a lovely map. great layout & enemy use, and a good difficulty level for the length.


I started mapping on 1.4, but recently switched to nreality. I found NUMA 'cause the link in 1.4 is broken, but it works in nreality. I hope to stay a while.

And welcome to numa! Always lovely to see some new faces ^_^

Excited to check this out. Have you mapped on other versions, or just never submitted anything before?

sorry my bad.

improved AGD
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Kudos to whoever gives the 5th rating.

Thanks, Mohit

As I said, this isn't my first map.
This map is really good for a beginner. Highly replayable. Enemies pattern is quite good.
AGD took some serious attempts.
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Never mind,

figured it out.

Thanks, Script.

@UkaBOB I don't know. You guys seem cool. So, are there ranks going on here, or what?
I'll go ahead and put you on my list. How do you do links in profiles?

Just in case...

you think that we are messed up for talking about ourselves in the plural, you should check out our profile. []
By the way, everything about you reminds me of me.

Be excellent to each other, and...Party on dudes!
-BOB 3

By the way,

we added you to our favourite authors list.

Add us to yours?

Demo: I'm not brave enough to try an AGD.
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Really great stuff. Some of the tiles were annoying to move on. But the enemy placement was superb. Love the style, too.
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Don't worry.

I'm not on anything.

I'm possibly hopped up on sleep deprivation, however.