Get up

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Author PawerOfficial
Tags author:pawerofficial fun jump key rocket unrated
Created 2018-12-02
Last Modified 2018-12-02
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Map Data

Description When you hit hard enough, then you will get to the key. Do not just forget to land smoothly because you're bones. D:

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Hmm, this is one of the prettiest maps you've made (in my opinion), but it wasn't as fun as I expected. While the gold would make for a nice challenge, completion just felt a bit... bland.


Some mines play the role of decorations.


I'm new around here, so I hope this doesn't sound totally weird, but why do you have mines (ex. the top three) that are no threat? Especially when you seem to be going for a minimalist feel. Just wondering.

Will play soon.

This looks AWESOME. I gotta get back to nreality soon, a couple of your latest maps looks really really good, and there seems to be some great stuff on the hot maps page right now....